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Mission Statement...

~Helping pets in need through sheltering, adoption, education, veterinary care and community outreach.~ 

A little bit about us....
We are a cat & kitten rescue based out of London/Ontario, and our dedicated rescuers and fosters have made it their life's mission to do our very best to provide care, comfort and compassion to cats & kittens in need.
We aim to be a more community based rescue operation, and as such we work with the community to rescue and help as many cats & kittens as we possibly can while addressing the concerning issue of feline overpopulation. 
We offer services like free advice and/or education on a variety of pet & feline needs/issues, as well as trying to help those who might need to access various services like low income spay/neuter programs, local pet food banks, etc...
Our rescuers and fosters have many years of experience in the field of animal rescue, and our knowledge and strengths combined allow us to do more for the animals and the community together, than we ever could separately. 
We have rescuers/fosters with varying degrees of expertise and fields of interest.
One was a vet tech, another grew up on a farm working with animals all their life, etc....
And most have volunteered at various other local and non-local rescues and shelters. 
We believe that together, and with the help of the community, we can help save many more cats & kittens.
Whether it be through live-trapping of feral cats & kittens.
Rehabilitating feral or untamed kittens.
To our barn-cat program, where we help farmers who donate to us litters of unplanned kittens get their barn-cats vetted/spayed/neutered/etc... at our expense.
Or even offering to have a cat vetted (spayed/neutered/vaccinated/etc...), yet again at our expense, for anyone wanting to donate or rehome a litter of kittens with us.   
We have also reunited many a pet owner with their lost pet/cat, as we have acquired a microchip scanner to scan for a microchip each full grown cat that we catch, to ensure we can successfully reunite it with it's owner, if it turns out to be someone's beloved lost pet. 
Animal rescue is a calling which we cannot ignore....
We see the need daily, and feel it in our hearts & souls.
It is who we are at our core. 


Cat and dogs under a christmas tree. Pet

*Dog Of The Week*

New "Dog Of The Week" coming soon!
Stay tuned!

*Cat Of The Week*


This is little "Martini".
Martini was rescued from a less than reputable rescue and needed lots of TLC.

Thankfully she found her way to us and promptly got her the necessary vet care.
She is now enjoying her new life with her adoptive human family. <3


 *Adoptable Cats*
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 Covid Careful

As we are presently living in these uncertain and unprecedented times, we aim to take all necessary precautions.
We care about our kittens, our fosters, and you, our potential adopters, alike. 
As such, we try to be as cautious, careful, and as mindful as possible.

    sneak peek of
upcoming kittens

Free spay when you donate to us a litter of kittens. 
To help fight feline overpopulation,
we are offering to spay or neuter your
cat, when you bring to us a litter of kittens.
1 spay/neuter per donated litter. 

We will have auctions coming up in the near future, with such cool items as tattoos, beauty treatments, etc....for you to bid on.
As well coming up in December, we will holding a holiday food drive, and we will be asking everyone to donate 3 good canned food items with every adoption.

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